Friday, May 15, 2020

Dancing and love-making - the feelings of coming come

What do you do when you feel like there's nothing to say, no post to write, and no photo to show on Instagram?
Do you just stop sharing?

Probably yes. Good news, there is a way to reverse it.

Sharing is caring, and truly, when I log-in to Insta and see a familiar face greeting me on the home page, it makes my heart leap with joy. Maybe we're robbing some devotees of feeling the same when we keep ourselves private?

Today I busted great dance moves in my kitchen, just like yesterday in a hotel room that I booked in Haad Rin. I was in need of a 'vacation'. 
Haad Rin beach is only a 30-minutes drive from where I live so... a pretty strange vacation idea.
Yet, it's in alignment with "Stay home - stay safe". This 125 km² island is my only option for an escape right now and that little overnight trip was worth every penny!

I meditated, I studied, I journaled and I dreamed. And of course, the beach at that side of the island is just magic.

Arriving back to my little apartment in the jungle felt so heart-warming...
The following dance on the leftover ceremonial cacao (What am I gonna do after the very last dose?!), the dance oh my God... it felt like COMING HOME to myself again!

Dancing is like a drug, an instant uplifter, an ecstatic bliss, an answered prayer, it's written in my blood, like a familiar feeling of coming home... to God, my glorious body, my sweat, and all the feel-good memories of my spiritual family in Australia... that's right.
I left in October 2018, I withdrew shortly afterward and I tried not to think about it to ward off grief... 
Today, I remembered where I belonged and where I left my heart. I danced with my grief not knowing if the tears were of pain or joy, but I welcomed them. It was raw, beautiful and vulnerable, it was like making love...

An excerpt from my old blog:

"A lovely yoga teacher Emma B at a Brisbane studio that I only visited for the gig of Elijah Ray before, started yesterday's Vinyasa flow by setting an intention to recognize that which feels like coming home again...
She gave a few examples - doing yoga after a long absence, finally eating after starving all day, meeting a best friend after many years, finally painting, cooking.... etc.
The first thing that occurred to me was DANCING.
Then SEX - yes, it always feels like coming home (more on that later) but definitely, it is DANCING.

When I asked the Spirit last Sunday: "Where would I feel happier? Sitting in a cinema and watching Wonderwoman (for which I already paid), or taking a long walk to sunset markets and finding something to eat there?"
It sounds so obvious now! It made me laugh when the answer came - but, not so fast - prior to my asking it out loud there was a mess, all mixing and mingling in my head. I had feelings of guilt for wasting money (the cinema ticket), for not wanting to relax as I said I would, and then other feelings surfaced - do I really wanna walk somewhere that far just to get some food, eat it ALONE and then walk back???

However, when I composed a simple question, detached of all [untrue] thoughts..... the answer felt like a gush of fresh air with many positive feelings attached! The Spirit knew!

Needless to say, I had the time of my life. It wasn't just about the delicious Sri-Lankan food at all. It was the Tribal gig, then another solo gig, the sweaty spontaneous dancing, the lovely people around, the great vibes, and the walk there and back offered great sights of Darwin too.

Dancing, even if unplanned, is like coming home to me... that is my passion. It never feels lonely, the joy is contagious, and as a result, everything else feels familiar." 

As long as I keep dancing, no matter where I am, I can always feel 'at home'. That is a feeling I like to share.

By the way, while yesterday's dance was all about self-appreciation, sensuality and surrender, today's dance definitely facilitated a divine connection.
So here you go, we make energetic-love in dancing too.

What do you recognize as your 'coming home'...?

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