Saturday, May 2, 2020

The inner journeys we take

Confusion is a good place to be. Or, as Joe Dispenza calls it: It is in the discomfort where change happens. And I don't know about you, but change is all I'm after. Confusion and discomfort are hopeful signs.
Today I realized that if I look back at this time in a few months, I don't want to regret that I didn't use it wisely and productively enough. By productively, I don't mean sitting down to writing my first bestseller (I wish), except before I get to that unshakeable resolute point of creativity, I need to be productive in uncovering all that holds me back from living my best life. And yeah, that includes the limiting beliefs preventing me from writing the book at this, perhaps appropriate, time. 
Becoming an author of a non-fiction masterpiece is not the only thing on my vision board though.
There isn't so much left to discover regarding my beliefs. I know my reasons for procrastinating and doubting myself and I am sure that deep down you know yours.
We have to re-write the script. There might be some probable future set in stone now, but it is not the only possible future that the quantum field holds for us.

Every year since 2011, I listen to the Hayhouse summits. 
If you need an extra dose of inspiration, listen to Gabrielle Bernstein talking about surrendering to higher power whenever she feels powerless. Yes, the help comes from real sources, people and earthly situations.

The first time I tried a meditative mp3 sometime in 2010, I knew it would become a powerful healing tool for me forever. Meditation is a source of divine inspiration and relief within me and around me. I am pleased to say that it is something I perform daily. I will have to keep that habit even after the quarantine!
If you've never tried to meditate, you might want to visit the page of my most beloved mentor Marie Forleo. She has a 10-minute practice along with her personal mantra that she introduced during an interview with Tim Ferriss here:
I recommend watching the 3-minute video first. Plus, Tim Ferriss is another worthwhile teacher!
Under the video sits a link to her downloadable meditation.
Myself, I prefer absolute silence or relaxing music nowadays.
Last year, I joined a Vipassana meditation silent retreat and I came out of it a different person. 1.-12.5. 2019 changed the course of my life - like many other spiritual events before and after that continue doing so!

I have been learning tons about myself in the past weeks here in Koh Phangan and I am grateful to be able to pass on my wisdom to the handful of clients I coach online.
It is somewhat not quite enough to fulfill me.
When this isolating period's over, I am gonna get out there and do some hands-on healing work because I miss human touch like nothing else these days.

Acknowledging grief is essential during this period. In fact, anytime we feel empty, unloved, or regretful, we can replace what's been lost with the Divine... For nothing else can heal the void and clean space for something new to come.
Don't bandage your wound with another wound.
It doesn't have to be related to touch, intimacy, or a person per se, perhaps you miss certain conveniences of life outside of the pandemic.
Either way, you might gain more clarity about how best to help yourself heal with a little self-inquiry. 
If you still haven't read my article in the Elephant Journal: 'What Covid-19 is teaching us about sex & pleasure-seeking', it is here:
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I wish you a wonderful weekend wherever you are on your personal journey x


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