Monday, November 30, 2020

For those who've been reading about my recent drama...

 ... The storm is over. A powerful full moon eclipse indeed.

According to Leo's horoscope, Friday 27.11. was meant to be my lucky day... instead, I abruptly ended something that's only just started (well, 3 months in). And it must be said that it's been quite good, healing, and exciting too.

I guess I couldn't take the unfamiliarity of it and the mellowness amidst all the chaos in the world. You could say that I was craving a comfort zone where I wasn't being triggered and acting like a little girl would have been appropriate. Familiarity for me is two people fighting over silly things, misunderstandings, and unexpressed emotions. Lack of love and care is familiar but it's not true in the new world that I've been co-creating. So I stirred things up a bit.

It only proves that not all storms are destructive...

On Saturday, he put a stop to it... My Saturday night was horrible.

On Sunday I felt quite composed and thought that if anything, he taught me how not to get swayed by my emotions and not overreact and panic... Sweet, I can handle this...

Come Monday, I'm a wreck again. Anyway, I journal, I read, I bake, I clean the house - metaphorically and literally too, it's a big house I'm staying at.

In the evening, we break the silence.

I'm... happy.

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