Thursday, March 18, 2021

I'm determined to be my own best client and coach

Why do we seek advice from others? Because they see things clearer than we do?
Others simply keep us accountable for our actions or non-actions. Your friend or personal coach is not afraid to call you out on your bullshit. You know where you err... so are you gonna do something about it?

What better way to market myself as a life coach than getting my life back together and lead by example. The journey is the destination. Where was I a fraud? I am determined to give myself everything I'm worthy of, everything I need and desire first. I uncovered my bullshit, and I'm done regretting past choices. My current pain is the make or break moment that will help me understand others at crossroads far better!

I can start coaching before I become perfect because I'm an example of getting back on track when shit hits the fan. I'm setting boundaries in relationships/friendships, keeping an optimistic outlook, keep eating clean, exercising daily, and breaking addictions - I'm living what I preach.

I'm now giving myself permission to date someone healthy for me in due time who'll treat me right. Someone who'll truly see us together long-term. A stable, generous, down to earth, supportive, happy, healthy, eligible bachelor soo in love with me. 

And of course, him being a little weird is okay since I’m not completely normal either!
I'm going to stop in my tracks as soon as I spot red flags. There were soooo many with Chris, I even wrote them down! This is not a good time to focus on a person's potential. He wasn't a client paying for that. I had to acknowledge the reality that he'd never invest much thought in his growth, to begin with. I was addicted to digging for pleasure where there was an overwhelming pain.
This one is tough to break, but addictions are.

I’ve never before understood that I had to be my own best coach and client first. I always knew the transformation theory, but I wasn't keeping myself accountable for staying on track even when shit hit the ceiling. Funny.
Well, it's never too late to start correcting my own steps!

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