Thursday, March 25, 2021

Self-healing with dance, fun, and pleasure

I've never heard anyone say: "Wow, this was so much fun, I felt too much pleasure, let's not have this much fun again please!" Said no one ever. But some people might feel that way. Not me.

These days it’s perhaps better to have an all-or-nothing mindset.

In my case, I'm not interested in just fun. There are men who are intriguing enough to satisfy both my imagination when it comes to sex and even the thought that perhaps they have something valuable to offer long-term.

Meanwhile, have plenty of fun on your own. I'm not addressing only self-pleasuring, but that too. I’ve been busy exploring my surroundings lately. Recent trips to Knaresborough and Brimham Rocks were my favorite. What magical places! And next week my work will bring me into yet another uncharted  territory.

If you’re somewhere too familiar, get creative, especially, if you’re single. Reach out to your friends and take mini trips. It's kinda funny if you know people who avidly follow pornstars and sexy plus-size models on Instagram, yet they wouldn’t even text a horny girl next door who used to be a sex worker... just saying. Watching ‘fun’ is not the same as being proactive and creating it! Get busy.

I'm healing. While lingering in small remnants of grief might not be the right place to fall in love again, just yet, it is the perfect place to bring more joy and pleasure into my life. Whatever that may look like. Dancing my heart and my butt out is pretty satisfying too!

Then there are the little things. Like sipping a quality oat mocha from Love Brownies shop in the Harrogate town center, sitting in front of a row of beautiful Primroses, and watching life go by. Bliss...

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