Tuesday, April 6, 2021

How to silence the outside world and think for yourself...


Let's be a little sceptical today...

Don't you sometimes wish to silence all the noise out there? 
Even if it's just in your head. I mean, we hear so much input from so called gurus and experts, and while a lot of what they say is sound and may be fine to hear if you don't normally introspect, it can be very unhelpful if you do, and you like thinking outside of the box.
If you're accustomed to meditating and journalling regularly and you're an avid reader - you already play with the fire of information overload!
Everybody's got something to say. Especially, during this pandemic. Mostly, it's the media that feeds us a lot of unnecessary data. It serves to instil fear within us and makes conforming the only logical response.

It's too much. Too much advice out there and it just makes me wonder where has our common sense gone, where is the whisper of our intuition and mainly, how can we even hear it if we keep listening to other people's opinion? Can't we just admit that the current affairs are getting more and more ridiculous?

Regarding relationship guidance. Do we really need someone to tell us when to text, when not to text, how to ask someone out or when to sleep with them? Should we take the guru's words literally and apply them universally?

Come on!
Everyone is so different. If you wanted to date me, I bet that there is no manual out there that would help you get me. No exact rules apply to me and no book would tell you how to work your magic on me bulletproofly. Just think for yourself, feel into your heart, and give it your best shot.
Thank you for being original! X

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