Welcome to my personal blog.
My name is Pavlina. I was born in Czechoslovakia in July 1987. Yes, this year I will be celebrating beautiful and wise 33 years of existence.
I have lived an extraordinary life full of adventure while traveling and living all over the world from a few months up to a few years. Most notable past homes: London, Marbella, Paris, New York, Prague, Brisbane, Darwin and lastly, Bali and Singapore.

Not too bad for a small-town Czech girl!

I published my first blog in 2016. Initially, I wanted to vent about my bad breakup with 'Him', then to help other people going through breakups and in the end, it all turned into documenting how I navigated my life through various romantic and not so romantic affairs. I went through a sexually adventurous period to deciding to quit sex altogether and become celibate for a year. 
I think the blog became quite popular! Last year I decided to offer access only with a membership on

Fast forward 3 years, I adopted a healthier - holistic - approach to living. I'm finally harvesting all the seeds that I planted during self-development seminars, new age courses, meditation practices and working with other healers, psychics, and coaches.

I am the author of 2 e-books:
When I'm not writing, I am life coaching, drinking matcha tea, snacking on ceremonial chocolate, or marketing myself as a holistic therapist, conscious sexuality activist, a practitioner of reiki, 'white’ tantra, and chakra healing.
I have a passion for personal-development, blogging, dancing, holistic wellbeing, helping others manage stress and anxiety and heal sexual trauma.

This new blog is a reflection of my learnings and wisdom that overflows and needs an outlet for self-expression.
I love real emotions and I settle for nothing less than honesty.
I will be describing my current life lessons and sharing my feelings in a vulnerable way, not short of intricacies, miracles, sensuality and sarcasm. It might as well help you manage your own life with ease and humor!

I wish you a good read and do not hesitate to contact me.

Love and gratitude,


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