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I prefer Skype meetings. As a healer, I can get quite overwhelmed by others in person, yet virtual meetings provide me with enough space to focus, be able to attune to my intuition, listen to your and my own spirit guides and feel your energy with more clarity.

  • Life Transitions & Intimacy Consulting (60-90 minutes weekly or biweekly)
- Guiding you back to yourself
- Unleashing more freedom in your life
- Discovering your deepest desires
- Uncovering blocks that holds you back
- Transforming your current relationships
- Enjoying your sexuality
- Calling in the right partner

  • Energy Healing (60-90 minutes, one off)
- Guided meditations
- Aura reading
- Chakra Balancing
- Reiki
- Human Design charts
- Breath-work
- EFT - tapping on meridians
- Dialogues between the right brain and left bran hemisphere
- Bringing immediate emotional relief

  • Spiritual Mentoring and Coaching (60 minutes weekly)
- Continuing your journey in a focussed manner
- Accountability for your healing progress
- Guiding you towards taking the right actions
- Reaching your goals with ease
- Trusting the Universe has your back

Skype sessions work perfectly well. My clients have been able to heal and reach their goals in 3 - 6 months on average. In other cases, a massive transformation can be guaranteed within 1 year of continuous cooperation.

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