Too many of my young years were spent concentrating my energy on things that made me miserable. It was around my most difficult breakup, just on my return from hell, when I discovered my calling. The pain may have been a blessing. It made me understand myself and the opposite sex better. It also helped me realize that there’s no need to stay where we don't belong. Mistakes are, however, inevitable. I am a lightworker who accepts others as they are and embraces her own shadow.

It takes a profound effort to confront our prejudices, jealousies and shameful shadows, but in facing these demons we can begin to transform many aspects of our lives.

The rocky path of healing myself from depression and anxiety has equipped me with the right tools to now lead others out of the dark. After all, who else could have more understanding than the one who used to suffer debilitating panic attacks and toyed with the thoughts of suicide? If you are looking for a compassionate, non-judgmental spiritual guide, look no further.

Have you considered the acceptance of both the light and dark in our being as a path to healing?

That is also 'Tantra' to me.

Our energy, our Kundalini, this life-giving sexual energy is spiritual and sacred. If channeled right, it keeps us in love with ourselves and enables us to love others. It can heal us on physical and emotional levels, fuel our creativity and preserve our youth.

I am a life coach and healer.

I am a life coach and healer. I hold certificates in Chakra Alchemy, Reiki, Tantra Massage, diplomas in Remedial Massage, Advanced Life Coaching, NLP, Nutrition, Community Services Case Management and a Bachelor's Degree in Humanities and Social Sciences.

I implement various Emotional Freedom Techniques - tapping on meridians, dialogues between the right brain and left brain, constellations; counseling, personal development courses from Landmark, Human Design, TRE - Trauma Release Exercises, mindfulness meditation, Kundalini courses, conscious movement-meditation practices such are 5rhythms, 5 elements and Ecstatic dancing with various practitioners around the world. My Tantric education comes largely from Margot Anand and Diana Richardson, both of whom learned directly from Osho.

I have an interest in bioenergetics, shamanic practices and enjoy reading self-help books from nearly all of the Hayhouse authors.

Today, I specialize in healing women and men during times of crisis, career transitions, difficult human relationships, sexual issues or facing health challenges. I’ve been coaching loyal clients across all Europe and I’ve established a following in many states in Australia. I see my positive impact in my clients' growth, their recommendations and endorsements.

With Love,

Pavlina Lioness

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